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Coastal Life Therapeutics offers only the highest quality, U.S.-grown and processed Hemp-based CBD products (< .3% THC) available on the market today.  Products available include: Sublingual drops, vapes, ointments/lotions, skincare, gel capsules, and pet products.

Therapeutic massage and other spa services including face treatments, hand & foot scrubs, and organic body wraps.

Indoor tanning for those that can't make it to the beach.  Enjoy our commercial-grade 15-minute tanning bed with 32 Infernal bulbs!  Select from a large offering of tanning lotions and tan extenders.

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Therapeutic Massage

Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, and More

Let our licensed massage therapist sooth those muscle aches.  Include a hand/foot scrub, or organic body wrap to pamper your body


Get That Summer Glow

Brand new 15-minute commercial-grade tanning bed with 32 Inferno bulbs.  Large selection of tanning lotions and tan extenders available.


CBD and Essential Oil Products

Get Healthy the Natural Way

Premium Hemp-based CBD products (full spectrum and isolate).  Our products are cultivated and processed in the United States under the most stringent controls and are independently tested for content and quality.  Non-GMO. Organically Grown. Gluten Free. THC Free. Pesticide and Solvent Free.

Contact us by phone at 910-579-1195 or 214-799-9131 to place your CBD order and arrange payment.

Essential Oils

Holistic Health

Top quality essential oils from Young Living and Revive!  Organic Sugar Scrubs. Custom Epsom Salt Mixes, Difusers, Candles and more!

Contact us by phone at (910) 579-1195 or (214) 799-9131 to order and arrange payment.


About Us

Founded in Calabash in April 2019, we believe it’s essential to invest in your health in order to enjoy a life full of joy, gratitude, and satisfaction. It’s this belief that guides our approach, including our products and services.  

At Coastal Life Therapeutics we focus on helping our clients improve their health, and provide them with quality products and advice to ensure they can maintain it too.

Curious to find out more? Get in touch Tina or Craig today.


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9970-5 Beach Dr SW, Calabash, NC 28467, USA

Contact (910) 579-1195 or (214) 799-9131 to order


Contact (910) 579-1195 or (214) 799-9131 to order

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